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"Narwhal" is a new tech term to me, but Nancy Friedman mentioned it on
her blog back in December. It is also possible that Ben, who has
discussed unicorns in the past, covered the term, but I do not know

Website: Quartz - qz.com
Date: November 20, 2015
Article: THE MIGHTY HORN: Canadian tech unicorns are called "narwhals"
Author: Alice Truong


[Begin excerpt]
Well, Canada’s tired of being overlooked. It, too, has a robust tech
scene, and it wants some recognition.

This is why Brent Holliday, CEO of Vancouver-based Garibaldi Capital
Advisors, coined the term "narwhal" in 2014 to describe Canadian tech
companies worth C$1 billion or more.

And unlike unicorns, narwhals, a type of toothed whales, actually exist.
[End excerpt]

Date: December 29, 2015
Article: Words of the Year 2015: Fritinancy Edition
Author: Nancy Friedman


[Begin excerpt]
In Canada, by the way, the term for such a company is narwhal: like
the unicorn, this creature has a single hornlike protuberance; unlike
unicorns, narwhals actually exist.
[End excerpt]


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