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> dihydrogen monoxide ... hartshorn ... hyperoxymuriates

I heard this used on some random TV comedy, two or three days ago, and,
embarrassingly, I was actually flummoxed by it for a couple of nanoseconds,
despite being fully familiar with the term.

So, *that's* what "hartshorn" is!

I know that "muriatic acid" is impure hydrochloric acid - contaminated with
iron, e.g. - but "hyperoxymuriates" is a new one on me.

Apparently, "muriatic acid" = "hydrochloric acid" is good enough for
Google. That wasn't good enough for the chem labs of the L.A. Dept. of
Water & Power, wherein only HCl that wasn't chemically pure was called
"muriatic acid."

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