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The "A" pages of the OED were compiled while the 3rd Marquis of
Salisbury (Robert
Cecil to his friends) was Prime Minister, and whatever tinkering with it
done since hasn't introduced these phrases.

>From Adam Liptak's column in Tuesday's NY Times:

            "These friend-of-the-court filings — lawyers call them “amicus
curiae briefs” — were diverse, but they were not random. They were the
product of a coordinated campaign of judicial lobbying called “the amicus
machine,” according to a new study
<http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2741853> based on
interviews with more than 20 leading Supreme Court lawyers.

            "The teams preparing for major Supreme Court cases must now
include two new members, the study said: the amicus wrangler and the amicus

            "“The wrangler is gathering the troops,” said Allison Orr Larsen
<http://law2.wm.edu/faculty/bios/fulltime/amlarsen.php>, a professor at
William and Mary Law School and one of the study’s authors, “and the
whisperer is coordinating the message.”

            "(Kathleen M. Sullivan
<http://www.quinnemanuel.com/attorneys/sullivan-kathleen-m> coined the
first term, and Pamela S. Karlan
<https://law.stanford.edu/directory/pamela-s-karlan/> the second. Both
argue often before the Supreme Court and possess a gift for vivid

            "Want to Be the Court’s Friend? It’s a Lot of Work ", NY Times,
March 8, 2016, "A" section. page 16

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