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Christopher Philippo toff at MAC.COM
Sat Mar 12 16:57:37 UTC 2016

Freeman, Hadley. ”Why cast a lighter-skinned actor as Nina Simone? Here come the racesplainers.” The Guardian. March 12, 2016. http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/mar/12/race-in-movies-row-nina-simone-oscars-hadley-freeman

Google search
mansplain site:americandialect.org
9 results

Google search
racesplain site:americandialect.org
no results

It might be about the same as whitesplaining, which word does appear on the site.  Potentially could have broader application, though.

While I disabled smart quotes in Apple Mail 9.2 and make plain text before sending I still have a problem with apostrophes and quotes appearing after posted to the list as code.  How do I fix that?

Chris Philippo
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