[Ads-l] Bun in AAV and "Crying Wolof" Myth

Z Rice zrice3714 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Mar 15 15:14:54 UTC 2016

In my earlier post of my Wolof substrate in AAV study, I included some
important words that should also be included here for good measure.

bun - to have sex

ba:nÉ› - to have sex (Wolof standard orthography: baane)
(I hope that the IPA symbol actually shows up here and doesn't break the

It should be noted that among both the native AA population, and Wolof
speakers, the term is not considered 'vulgar'.

Additionally, I'd like to note here that I am simply posting this on the
mailing list to protect my "ownership" of my research (a long story). I do
not seek affirmation or acknowledgment; I just wanted a way to prevent
others from presenting my research as their own.

Thank you.

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