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I've never heard of a derogatory use of "bop" but would still 
recommend against the name. "To bop" means to strike someone
(I think of it as bopping someone on the head). Also, a girl who
introduces herself as "Bop" will likely be misunderstood as
meaning "Bob" or "Barb" and find herself repeatedly
explaining that it's "Bop" with a "p".  
If it were my daughter, I'd be looking for a different name.
With all good wishes.
Gerald Cohen
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Dear American Dialect Society,
I would like to ask some insider American advice. I come from Belgium and I=
 am pregnant of a daughter. We came up with the name Bop or Bopp, which is =
not very know, but has a German origin. We really like the name, but in the=
 urban dictionary I found that in the US Westcoast dialect 'Bop' for a girl=
 means slut and even worse.
For me it is very hard to estimate if the word is known in the US and frequ=
ently used and how reliable the urban dictionary really is...We would like =
to avoid her being laughed at when visiting the US, but if the word is bare=
ly known meaby we are over reacting.
Please tell me your opinion on this matter.
Thank you in adcance,Best regards,
Delphine Vandevoorde=C2=A0

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