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FWIW - I once had a maid here in Rio who came to me one day and said her
daughter and son-in-law were going to have a baby boy and they wanted to
give it an English name. She said they wanted to call it Wiener, and what
did I think of that? Well, of course, I was horrified and told her in no
uncertain terms and with detailed explanations why they could not name their
baby boy Wiener. She finally interrupted me and said, "But, doesn’t it mean
"Vencedor" (Winner)? It was a pronunciation problem. I told her Winner was
better than Wiener but still recommended against it because, as the kid was
not likely to grow up without a heavy accent, he would probably spend his
life introducing himself as "Weener," understood as "Wiener," and suffer the
consequences in any case. 

For the Belgian parents, though Bop does not compare with Wiener as a
potential life-destroyer, I would suggest giving her a more standard sort of
name, and making "Bop" her nickname. That way, as she grows, she can decide
whether to tell people she is Bop or not. "My name is Bertha but my friends
and family call me Bop," sort of thing.

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I=E2=80=99ve seen Bopp as a surname occasionally, but have never heard = of
Bop as a first name.

The word bop is probably best known as a synonym for hit or punch, I = would
think.  It shows up in that sense in the song for children Little = Bunny
Foo Foo and in the names of a number of toys that involve hitting =


The punk rock group The Ramones song Blitzkrieg Bop is still pretty well =
known, I think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DldjLRuU1OY8  I am not =
sure if it means hit there, or bop as a type of music or dance, or all = of

I live in New York so that might explain my not knowing the meaning =
mentioned, but you might want to look up the Cyndi Lauper song She Bop.  = I
am not sure how well known that meaning is.=

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