[Ads-l] Bun in AAV and "Crying Wolof" Myth

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Fri Mar 18 14:40:04 UTC 2016

> On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 11:14 AM, Z Rice <zrice3714 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> > AAV > > bun - to have sex ... It should be noted that among both the 
>> > native AA population, and Wolof speakers, the term is not considered 
>> > 'vulgar'.

>> > I'm not familiar with _bun_ in the meaning supplied. However, I am 
>> > familiar > with the term, _butter some buns_, which does have that 
>> > meaning and is or> was, during the '40's and '50's, anyway. 
>> > "considered 'vulgar'."> --> Wilson

How widespread is "bun - to have sex" in AAVE?

Like Wilson, I've encountered "bun" in various sexually-related contexts --  
"buttered bun" (which Wilson mentions) and "bun in the oven", for example, 
and "bundling" might be added to the mix -- but I can't find much evidence 
for the "bun=have sex" sense.

I'd agree that absence of evidence isn't necessarily evidence of absence, 
but in this context, the absence of evidence might suggest that the term in 
this sense isn't widespread among AAVE speakers. 

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