[Ads-l] sexist "crazy"

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 20 12:05:03 UTC 2016

Donald Trump has called Megyn Kelly "crazy."

Donald Trump has resumed his gratuitous obsessive-compulsive blasting of
Megyn Kelly. And according to CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter:

"Lately he's been calling her 'crazy,' which some people would think is a
sexist reference. There is a meaning of 'crazy' when applied to women that
is different than when applied to men. We all kind of know that in society.
When he says 'crazy Megyn Kelly,' it certainly has a specific connotation."

Q.: Huh? *I* don't know it, "kind of" or otherwise. Crazy means crazy.
First we were assured that "moist" is one of the most offensive words in
English.  Now this.

Elucidation, please.



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