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But since American English-speakers are familiar with the foreign uses of "vl" that you mentioned, I'd bet they were much more willing to accept "vlog" and the like than they would have been otherwise.

(and you left out my favorite -- Vlad the Impaler)

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> One interesting feature of this batch of words is their attack on a = phonotactic barrier.  Previously, all instances of the initial /vl/ = cluster
> in English, as far as I know, involved proper names, typically = borrowed from elsewhere, and of course proper or undomesticated =
> borrowings are at liberty to violate phonotactic constraints (Bach, = chutzpah, loch; final /vr/ in hors d'oeuvres if you pronounce it that =
> way, etc.). =20
> So we have, for example, from Russian, Polish, Flemish/Dutch, and so on, = names like
> Vladimir (from Lenin on down, or up)
> Vlach (a Canadian philosopher/linguist I know) Vlaminck (painter) VanVleet (basketball player from just eliminated Wichita State Shockers)
> But these aren't naturalized citizens* in the lexicon the way "vlog" and = its family are aiming to be (with some resistance from my
> autocorrect = which keeps trying to convince me I must mean "blog").=20
> LH

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