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When I discovered a couple years ago that there were folks - mostly of the
female persuasion - who were going miles out of their way to be offended by
"moist," I pretty much gave up trying to find rhyme or reason in what folks
are offended by and entered a "yeah, yeah, whatever" phase. So, if now
someone wants to be offended by "crazy"... Yawn.

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> I can imagine a situation in which /crazy/ in /crazy ex-girlfriend/ 
>is=20  not appositive.

I did not claim that the expression was always appositive; clearly it is no=
t. Nor did I claim the a use of it was always sexist; that would be a matte=
r of judging the way it's used, in what contexts, by which speakers or writ=

The fact remains that many people, most of whom could not be characterized =
in any way as raving loony feminazis, see a distinction between *some* uses=
, by *some* people, in *some* contexts.


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