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Here is an passage from 1981 (unverified) with the phrase "brute
forcing it". The phase refers to an algorithm using an exhaustive
search strategy.

Year: 1981
Title: Endomorphisms of the Circle and Minimal Entropy
Author: James Kenneth Falbo
Publisher: University of California, Santa Cruz
Database; Google Books and HathiTrust
(Must be verified on paper; search for "1981" shows a snippet with the
date "June 1981")

[Begin excerpt]
... finding the fraction with the smallest denominator in a given
interval. While working with rational forms there is no nice or easy
way to do this short of brute forcing it, i.e., exhaustively examining
fractions with successively larger denominators in the interval.
[End excerpt]

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> Information Security: First International Workshop, ISW'97, Tatsunokuchi,
> Ishikawa Japan, September 17-19, 1997, Proceedings
> Okamoto, =E2=80=8EEiji, et al., eds.
> Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.1396, 1998 - Page 121
> Springer-Verlag, Berlin et al.
> https://books.google.com/books?isbn=3D3540643826
> Secure Applications of Low-Entropy Keys
> Kelsey, John, et al.
> "We introduce the notion of key stretching, a mechanism to convert short
> s-bit keys into longer keys, such that the complexity required _to
> brute-force search_ an s + t-bit keyspace is the same as the time required
> _to brute-force search_ an s-bit key stretched by t bits."
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> Forensics expert says FBI to use NAND-mirroring to crack terrorist's iPhone
> "... Farook=E2=80=99s iPhone used a four-digit passcode, which would result=
>  in
> 10,000 permutations, a low enough number to be possible _to brute-force_
> using NAND-mirroring ..."
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