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The earliest instance I see on the internet of this martial art in English is 2007. FWIW, there are people who argue it is not authentic, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping people from doing it and posting videos on YouTube.

1. 2007 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1avffXJ6CU <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1avffXJ6CU>
Hmong Entertaintment Aus
Hmoob Lauj Xeeb - A Fully Alive CGI Film By Hmong Australia

2. 2008
http://bit.ly/1pKWWIW <http://bit.ly/1pKWWIW>

They got that Lawj Xeeb stuff. It's pretty much kungfu maybe they were originally taught by some monk or something [smiley face]

3. 2012 - English (capitalized) - only English book in Google Books (other than what appears to be a repackaging a year later)
http://bit.ly/1VTIj2B <http://bit.ly/1VTIj2B>
Shunning Sarah: A Novel
Julie Kramer

He explained that Lawj Xeeb—a form of martial arts—was part of the Hmong heritage…. “Laws Xeeb takes much dedication.”


A. The earliest instance in Google Books is 1980 (Google-dated). I assume the language is Hmong, perhaps White Hmong dialect based on the title.
http://bit.ly/1Sn5Bs4 <http://bit.ly/1Sn5Bs4>
Contes et légendes hmong blanc
Don Bosco Press

B. 1985 (Google-dated): again perhaps in Hmong
http://bit.ly/2323cuy <http://bit.ly/2323cuy> 
Stories from Laos: Folktales and Cultures of the Lao, Hmong, Khammu, and Iu-Mien
Rosalie Giacchino-Baker
Pacific Asia Press

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