[Ads-l] "goal" or "gaol"?

George Thompson george.thompson at NYU.EDU
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Here's our boy James Cunningham again.  Of the two reports of his arrest,
the first (which I just posted under a different heading) has "goal"; the
second has "gaol".

            [Saturday] was committed to our Goal, the *well-known* James
Cunningham, for robbing a Store at Newport, in Rhode Island, of Sail-Cloth,
Gammons, &c. to a considerable Amount, with which Goods he took his Passage
this Way, but being pursued, was taken in this Harbour before he could
confiscate any of his Booty.

            N-Y Gazette; and the W Mercury, June 3, 1771, p. 3, col. 1

            On Saturday last was committed to Gaol in this City, the noted
James Cunningham, who about 6 Weeks ago underwent the Discipline of being
carted, tarred, and feathered, as an Informer.
            N-Y Journal; or, The General Advertiser, June 6, 1771, p. 365
(p. 3), col. 3

Our ancestors -- ancestors of some of us, anyway -- didn't believe in
coddling criminals, but they seem also to have discouraged villains from
dropping a dime on other villains.
(Calvin Trillin writes somewhere that what he is most thankful for at
Thanksgiving is that his ancestors weren't here when the Indians were given
a tootsie-frootsing and pushed off their land.  I can't take that same

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> > Several years ago when searching for something including the word
> > "pharaoh" I noticed a very large number of instances of "pharoah". Maybe
> > the sequence "ao" tends to look 'wrong' to the Anglo eye somehow.
> >
> You're not the first to notice, Doug.
> Headline: "Yes, American Pharoah's name is spelled wrong"
> http://goo.gl/TTQ61Q
> And there's the jazz saxophonist, Pharoah Sanders.
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