[Ads-l] _investigate_ n.

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Pierre[, South Dakota,] Police Chief Bob Granpre, however, says that the
police acted properly, and a two-month long _investigate_ claims the same


Could be merely a lapsus calami.


But, cf., e.g.

An _Investigate_ of Mass Diagnosis in Mammogram with Random Forest
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
by J Liu - ‎2011

OTOH, a reasonably-close, won't-be-on-the-final-level investigate <har!
har!> of all of the instances in which "investigate" is *without doubt* a
noun reveals that they occur in materials written by people with Asian - as
above - or Middle-Eastern names. Hence, it may be that the use of
"investigate" as a noun is a feature of International English or merely an
error not uncommon among non-native-speakers of English and the example
from Mr. Liu is irrelevant.

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