[Ads-l] The T-Word, and "the Frog"

Robin Hamilton robin.hamilton3 at VIRGINMEDIA.COM
Wed Oct 5 20:54:53 EDT 2016

>     I do it in the hopes of making it more difficult for troglodytes (a kind
> of troll) to find my disparaging-to-T---p email and harass me.

Seriously?  Is it that bad over there?  Sheesh!  That honestly hadn't occurred
to me as a possibility.

>     P.S.  Is use of "the Frog" to refer to the D----d intended to connect him
> with the alt-right Nazi T---p supporters' co-opted and altered image of "Pepe
> the Frog"?  "Just asking."

Nah, was only thinking of the physical resemblance, but I'm happy to have that
extra spin added -- I won't disown it.  :-)


>     Joel
>     ---------------------------------------------
>     From: Robin Hamilton <robin.hamilton3 at VIRGINMEDIA.COM>
>     Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 7:21 PM
>     Subject: [ADS-L] The T-Word, or The Semiology of Naming the Unmentionable
>     Joel's recent post on "whipped out" reminds me that I've been brooding
> over the
>     variety of ways in which members of this list seem to deal with referring
> to He
>     Who ...
>     There seem to be at least (let me count them) four possible ways:
>       1.  Standard Nomenclature -- where the name of [...] is used, coupled
> with a
>     bewilderment as to why others avoid it.
>       2.  The Starred Version -- whereby we have D*n*ld Tr*mp.
>       3.  The Omitted Version -- as in, D_n_ld Tr_mp.
>       4.  The Nickname Version -- as in the Frog [which he, to my eye,
> resembles.
>     With apologies to frogs].
>     (Have I missed anything?  If so, my apologies.)
>             Two questions.
>     1.  Are we reluctant to name, lest the thing be called up?
>     2.  Does the choice of term correlate in any way with a position on the
>     political spectrum?  Specifically, is it possible to infer from 2-4,
> exactly
>     where on the Left Spectrum the (non)utterer lies?
>     I should say that I have been here before, since even now, I refuse to
> refer to
>     a now-deceased former Prime Minister of Great Britain other than as the
> Hag of
>     Grantham.
>     RH.

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