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There are certain classes of persons -- robocallers, Microsoft engineers who claim that there is something wrong with my computer that they can fix if I give them remote access to it, solicitors who call during dinner hours, ... -- to whom I've long wished to give the title "fatherfucker."  I suspect it will be more offensive to those classes than motherfucker, many of whom have accents that suggest they come from Asian cultures 
and thus perhaps the more conservative, easily-offended religions.
Perhaps not very PC, but I use what little information I can glean to develop the most suitable response.


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> I prefer "his majesty," but it's already taken:
> http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/29230/

"Motherfucker" is also sadly gone:

More seriously, I started collecting resources on strange pronouns
a while ago and never really finished. But you can get some sense of
the historical attempts in this direction from what I did achieve:

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