[Ads-l] Should ze be in the dictionary?

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Nearly all of those listed are in Wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:English_third_person_pronouns <https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:English_third_person_pronouns>). I don’t see jhe, or hie, but Wiktionary has quite a few.

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> On 20 Oct 2016, at 07:44, Baron, Dennis E <debaron at ILLINOIS.EDU> wrote:
> This, on the Web of Language, now:
> Should ze be in the dictionary?
> Gender-neutral pronouns were in the news again this Fall, as more universities gave students the option of picking their own pronouns. (For last year’s university pronoun news, click here<https://illinois.edu/blog/view/25/242099>). In addition to the traditional binary he and she, options may include invented words like ze, jhe, sie, and hie, along with singular they. “Ask me about my pronouns” has become a way to recognize gender nonconformity.
> Not everybody likes these invented pronouns, but a lot of people are using them. The question isn't whether ze should be banned or promoted--that's something people will decide for themselves. The question is, Should ze be in the dictionary?
> Read the post here: http://bit.ly/1B29f6v

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