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"Litany" is not obsolete, as anyone can hear supporters of D----- and Hillary, including surrogates as well as the TV commentators, go on and on after last night's debate.

1.a. "... a series of supplications, _deprecations_, or intercessions".  [Emphasis added.]

2. transf. "A form of supplication (e.g. in non-Christian worship) resembling a litany; also, a continuous repetition or long enumeration".

"Non-Christian worship" might apply particularly to supporters of D-----.


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> "doxology", OED:  "1. †a. The utterance of praise to God;
> thanksgiving. Obs."

_Doxology_ is "obsolete"?! It really *has* been a long time since I last
was an active participant in the rituals of the One, True Faith. Is
_litany_ also obsolete?



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