[Ads-l] In a post to the NYT Online: "banned" > "banded"

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Fri Oct 28 12:28:32 EDT 2016

<< "banned" > "banded" >>
Elementary phonetics, my dear Stewart. (Hope the IPA comes thru.)
(1) ['ænd] → ['æn] / _ C: <lan’ sakes>, <san’wiches>.
(2) ['æn] → ['ænd], i.e. hypercorrection of (1): pres. <ban> ['bæn] → pres.
<band> ['bænd], whence tautological preterite <banned-ed, banded> ['bændɪ
(3) Cf. <drown> + excrescent <d> yielding preterite <drownded>; plus the
older examples <sounded, astounded>.

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