[Ads-l] kick, v, without preposition, to start working?

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 30 00:31:34 EDT 2016

<< kick, v, without preposition, to start working? >>
FWIW:  'foot play' is the underlying denominator.
(1) My motor scooter has a kick starter, for in case the electronic starter
fails. I think the generalized <to kick start>  goes back to motorcycle
use. Cold start.
(2) 'Mercan football <kick-off, to kick off> begin play, cold-start.
(3) On popular musical recordings, I hear the bandleader shout, "Kick it!".
Cold start.
(4) << but the system only kicks when the call would have typically
gone to your
carrier’s voice mail >>:  <to kick in>:  as if to violently kick in a door,
to a weakened sense of 'to finally begin'.

Then ellipsis, clipping, accessory stripping, OxyContin & ya end up with a
naked kick for everything.

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