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Earlier still:
_Pittsburgh [PA] Daily Post_ 15 Mar 1900 p 4 col 7

"It is said that when brilliant and popular young women who admit that they are born actresses write to Mrs. Kendal for her autograph and advice as to the best way to break into the ranks she sends this dainty letter to them:
Dear Miss: --
Nothing is so easy as to become an actress.  You only require the following qualifications:
Health of a lion,
Temper of an angel,
The sensitiveness of a flower,
The magnetism of genius,
The genius of magnetism,
The beauty of a rose,
The figure of a goddess and the skin -- 
of a rhinoceros.  And there you are.
Yours very truly, Madge Kendal."

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> Slightly earlier in print:
> _New York Times_  28 Mar 1900, p 6 col 6
> "The aspirants for histrionic honors received from Mrs. Kendal a recipe for the making of an actress in her first words:
> "I received a letter from a young woman the other day," she said, "asking if I would tell her the qualifications for an actress. 'It is the easiest
> thing in the world,' I wrote back. 'You must be a marvel of patience, have the figure of a Greek statue, the temper of an angel, (that is very
> necessary,) the face of a god, and the skin of a rhinoceros.' " "
> _New York Morning Telegraph_ 28 Mar 1900, p 7 col 5
> "A young girl wrote to me not long since, asking me what were the requirements of an actress who would succeed. I replied that she must
> have the imagination of a poet, the strength of a horse, the figure of a Greek statue, the temper of an angel, the face of a goddess, and the
> skin of a rhinoceros."

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