[Ads-l] Adages: Don't wrestle pigs or chimney sweeps

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Back in January 2016 Bonnie Taylor-Blake shared some early simpler
instances of the saying: "Never wrestle with a pig; you both get
dirty, and the pig likes it". The remark about the contentment of the
swine was omitted in 1872:


A recent entry on this topic at the QI website is informed by Bonnie's
results. She and Barry Popik are acknowledged:

Never Wrestle with a Pig. You Both Get Dirty and the Pig Likes It

Another recent QI entry examines a precursor:

Don’t Wrestle with a Chimney Sweep or You Will Get Covered with Grime\

Another recent entry explores a different statement about pigs. "The
Dictionary of Modern Proverbs" is cited:

Never Attempt To Teach a Pig To Sing; It Wastes Your Time and Annoys the Pig

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