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Jim Parish jparish at SIUE.EDU
Tue Jul 18 02:22:00 UTC 2017

ADSGarson O'Toole wrote (snipped):
> The 1966 book by I. S. Shklovskii and Carl Sagan appears to credit
> Enrico Fermi and presents a 1943 date. This information is based only
> on the text visible in a snippet. I do not know what else is said
> within the book.
> Year: 1966
> Book: Intelligent life in the universe: Vselennaja zizn'razum
> Authors: I. S. Shklovskii, Carl Sagan
> Note: A translation, extension, and revision of [the author's
> Vselennai?a?, zhizn', razum]".
> Publisher; Holden-Day, San Francisco, California
> Quote Page 448
> Database: Google Books Snippet; should be verified with hardcopy
> https://books.google.com/books?id=_kfpcOm6dn8C&focus=searchwithinvolume&q=Fermi
> [Begin extracted text]
> Where are they?
> Enrico Fermi (1943)
> [End extracted text]

Let's see, I just happen to have a copy within arm's reach...

The quoted passage is one of two epigraphs to chapter 33 of the book. 
(The other is a passage from something by the 17th century 
mathematician/scientist Christiaan Huygens.) Judging from the index, 
that is the only reference to Fermi in the book.

Jim Parish

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