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Mark Mandel thnidu at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 28 03:37:31 UTC 2017

In an online discussion about the use of "laser" for a beam in a
fantasy-fiction story, the author made the following remark:

"laser" is undergoing more change, from
> - L.A.S.E.R. beam
> - LASER beam
> - laser beam
> - laser
> Check common usage, even on scientific sites, and there is no longer a
> specification for 'beam,' which means that writers have to specify the
> EQUIPMENT, when older articles would have to specify the /beam/ generated
> by the equipment.

The author is Sarah Williams, blogging as dialecticdreamer
<http://dialecticdreamer.dreamwidth.org/>, in this comment
on Part 5 of 6 <http://dialecticdreamer.dreamwidth.org/340218.html> of her
story Defending Their Own

Most of the discussion
is about whether a real laser could do this, and why it does or doesn't
matter in this story.


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