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_Wet ([marijuana] mixed with PCP)_

This answers a question asked, but not answered, on the old Chappelle's
Show, back a few years ago:

"What's the matter, Dave? Don't you _get wet_?"

after he had toked on what appeared to be an ordinary roony-stick and then
freaked out.

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> The DEA has compiled a list of "Drug Slang Code Words."  The full list
> (PDF) is at
> https://ndews.umd.edu/sites/ndews.umd.edu/files/dea-drug-
> slang-code-words-may2017.pdf
> -- Bonnie
> ------------------------------------------
> Sex, dreck, and rock ‘n’ roll
> The opioid crisis is a humanitarian disaster with many tragic consequences
> — but like everything else in the world, it has its own lingo, specifically
> drug euphemisms.
> Such slang terms — ranging from “a-bomb” to “zapapote” in a list recently
> released by the DEA Houston Division — are oddly matter-of-fact about how
> illegal substances circulate and what they do to their consumers. Such
> lists aren’t put together with the rigor of professional lexicographers, as
> they’re simply intended to help law-enforcement officials make busts. But
> they also offer a window into a depressing world for researchers.
> [...]
> http://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2017/07/28/sex-dreck-and-rock-roll/
> rZUco3tr16Nnyn2U46QS6M/story.html
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