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Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Wed Nov 8 07:50:30 EST 2017

"Poligarch" jogged my memory about this:

My student (native Russian speaker) used a word new to me twice in a 
recent post for a class:

When I hear or say the word “hero”, one man comes to my mind, the man 
from a documentary movie about the teract 9.11.


That man was usual man, employee of a company located inside one of the 
teracted buildings.

She said she had seen the term used before online/on the web: I've never 
seen it before and a Google Books search doesn't turn up any instances 
(only skimmed the results). I even did a quickie search of American 
Speech online and ADS-L. :-)  Looks like a classic blend; I don't know 
if she's borrowed it from Russian sources/use or if it's calqued on 
Russian. My ability to read Cyrilic only extends to part of the alphabet 
so far.

---Amy West

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