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Brian Hitchcock brianhi at SKECHERS.COM
Wed Nov 8 19:17:22 EST 2017

Not at all surprising, considering that for a long time (perhaps since time immemorial—maybe some of you ace antedaters can clarify how long) the word "that" has been in use to refer to animate, sentient beings;  even humans.  

To me, the surprising thing is that "thats" is not more common.

"You're the one that I Love"  --- Grease

"the one that I love", "the one whom I love"  -- Google ngrams

Of course, the "Who's on first" routine just wouldn't work the same as "that's on first".
Yeah, I know, "that's" isn't "thats", but that's that thought that I thought  that time. (So it's a thought thats time has come.)

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