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Bill Mullins amcombill at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Nov 11 22:39:30 EST 2017

The new releases for the OED in September included "beltway", as in the 
highway loop that surrounds Washington DC.

OED has 6 Aug 1951 for the term.

This can be antedated by one day (at least).

Washington DC _Evening Star_ 5 Aug 1951 p A2 col 1

"The proposed beltway would connect Route 1 on the Southwest with Route 
40 on the West, Route 140 on the Northwest, Route 111 on the North and 
Route 1 and Route 40 on the Northeast."

"inside the beltway" OED has 1982

Washington DC _Evening Star_ 30 Nov 1980 p C2 col 3

"Inside the beltway, cutting out the perks wasn't popular, but in the 
rest of the country, it played very well.  It was part of the Carter 
image we wanted to portray."

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