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Following up on Arnold's blog post--
Doing fieldwork outside Nashville 2 weeks ago, in Robertson County, on the 
north Tenn border with Ky, I ran into "dark fire tobacco," as the locals 
called it. I asked two people if it was "dark fire" or "dark fired" and 
neither of them could even hear my distinction. One responded that it was 
sometimes spelled with a hyphen, the other said, right, "*dark* fire" with 
contrastive stress on 'dark.' Everyone I heard was clearly omitting the -d, 
but it is a fixed phrase (or a fix phrase?)--dark fire tobacco--so the 
phrase "dark fire" might have seemed odd.

Researching around I find that the phrase in the ag publications is usually 
"dark fire-cured tobacco", contrasting with "air-cured" and "flue-cured", so 
the tobacco is dark, not the fire, though the smoke does derive from 
hardwood, esp oak. The tobacco publications, cigar blogs, like to use 
"dark-fired tobacco." There's a nice KY Farm Bureau memo from this past June 
that uses "dark, fire-cured tobacco" or "dark tobacco" throughout, but 
quotes the faculty Extension Specialist saying " We have made tremendous 
strides over the past 20 years in reducing NNN levels in dark-fired tobacco 
through research...."

I don't have access to Dictionary of Appalachian or the right volume of DARE 
to check those sources.

--Clai Rice

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on final t/d ~ ∅, on my blog, citing ADS-L:


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