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Andy Bach wrote:
> On a course catalogue for our local technical college "It's time to
> _Upskill_ Your Career" - not sure why it upset me and upended
> my respect for them but it is a term with which I will not upput.

The OED has an entry for upskill v. and upskilling n. in 1983. Here is
a pertinent citation from 1978.

Date: September 9, 1978
Newspaper: The Miami News
Newspaper Location: Miami, Florida
Article: Dade County School Board - District 2: Q & A
Quote Page 2A, Column 6

[Begin excerpt]
Related to this shall be a concerted effort to retrain staff where
necessary as to instructional and learning strategies. I firmly
believe that in order to assure effective student achievement, we must
do more in the direction of constantly upskilling staff.
[End excerpt]

Bonus: Analysis of Churchill attributed saying:

This Is the Sort of Nonsense Up With Which I Will Not Put


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