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I found this as well:
Pillow-bier definitions
Webster's 1828 Dictionary
PIL'LOW-CASE, n. The case or sack of a pillow which contains the feathers. Pillow-bier is the pillow-bearer.
Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms
n. [Written also Pillow-beer Pillow-bear, and Pillow-bere.] Pillow-case.

And ‘pillow slip’ came up as Eastern Texas. 

Mailed from the Moon 🌜

> "pillowslip" < _pillowcase_
> Mildly surprising. "Pillowslip" was the ordinary term that I used as a
> child, in East Texas. I have no idea whether this form is used anywhere
> else in the U.S., bedclothes not being a particularly common topic of
> conversation outside of the family. IAC, it seems to me that _pillowcase_
> is the preferred term, in Yankspeak.
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> -Wilson
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