[Ads-l] The ultimate phoneme popularity chart

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 30 16:49:55 EST 2017

The ultimate analysis of US English phoneme popularity is done, ranking the ways phonemes are spelled  in text (speech as well) . http://bit.ly/2AKWZyo  15.4 M instances of the top 5k words are analyzed.  For more see http://truespel.com

Note that consonants are spelled in their most popular tradneem form 92% of the time in print

Vowels are speled in their most popular tradneem form 53% of the time in print.

Tradneem = a form of spelling a phoneme in traditional spelling (my term)

Grapheme = The spelling of a phoneme in a phonetic notation, one per (my definition)

Phonabet - The total set of phonemes in a language or set of languages (my term)

Truespel graphemes are the same as tradneems 65% of the time in print.

Tom Zurinskas,
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