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Tue Oct 3 20:21:34 UTC 2017

OED has 1927
_Moving Picture News_   27 Apr 1912  p 33 col 1 display ad
""THE RAVEN" -- Poe's Masterwork -- in Two Reels -- the Triumph of Cinematic Artistry"

Cinematically OED has 1934

_Photoplay_ Feb 1917 p. 36
"It was Kalen that discovered Jacksonville, cinematically speaking, not by the inspirational methods of C. Columbus and Dr. Cook, but through the dead reckoning made possible by the statistics of the U.S. Weather Bureau."

Cinephile  OED has 1963

_Close Up_ Dec 1929 p 533
"If Sieveking and Bruguiere have not be able to gladden the heart, to pour out thought, to enrich, the fault lies not with them, but with the graceless cinéphile."

CinemaScope OED has 3 Oct 1953

_Educational Screen_ Apr 1953 p 152
"No doubt it is the completion of television that is causing the revolution resulting in Cinerama, Cinemascope, and various 3-D methods for making pictures seem more real."

Gaffer - OED has 1936

_Picture-Play Magazine_ Nov 1926 p 12 col 3
"GAFFER - Chief electrician on a motion-picture set."

C. W. Taylor, _Masters and Masterpieces of the Screen_  New York: P. F. Collier & Son Company.  1927
"Chief gaffer - The head electrician on a set."

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