[Ads-l] Shrapmetal 'shrapnel'

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Thu Oct 12 04:49:02 UTC 2017

Shrapmetal 'shrapnel'
     Said by Ted Williams, former D.C. homicide detective (sixtyish African
American), 11 Oct 2017, about halfway through hour-long FoxNews Tucker
Calrson Tonight.
     The Las Vegas shooter fired off hundreds of rounds through his hotel
room door, hitting security guard "José" in the leg with a piece of
     Seems to be a blend of {shrapnel + scrap metal}. Sorta rings a bell;
maybe some 50 years ago.
     201k ghits; UrbanDic:  Shrap Metal TOP DEFINITION:  The metal that
flies into your house, after a flying car crashes into another car.

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