[Ads-l] [Non-DoD Source] "Niger" or "Niger"?

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 21 06:10:21 UTC 2017

Think I saw Michael Caine in that bit.
Anyways, pretty sure I heard James "Mad Dog" Mattis say <Niger> [naɪ'ʒi:ɚ,
nigh-ZHEER]. Otherwise, the talking heads seem to have settled on [ni:'ʒɛɚ,
knee-ZHAIR], [nɪ'ʒɛɚ, nih-ZHAIR] today.

JL:  << Karoun Demirjian ... has no trace of any pesky foreign accent. >>
Nor do Elizabeth or Philip Jennings.

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