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>When I see "97% fat free," I mentally substitute "3% fat".

"97% x-free" goes back to at least the slogan for Sanka (decaffeinated coffee) "97% caffeine-free".  The Wikipedia article on Sanka shows a 1932 print ad for Sanka with that slogan.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanka

Incidentally, I believe the original Sanka used a TCE (tri-chloro-ethylene) process, and TCE has been banned for years, with decaf makers using the Swiss Water Process, which might not use chemicals.  Therefore the present-day Sanka may be more than 97% caffeine=free.

I have no trouble understanding "97% fat-free" as meaning "97% of the fat that would normally be found in this product has been removed."

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