[Ads-l] New 'Latin' plural example

Geoffrey Nathan geoffnathan at WAYNE.EDU
Mon Sep 18 14:30:43 UTC 2017

I know various people have pointed these out, but this one struck me (although it was clearly done with tongue-in-cheek).

In a heated discussion on the Aviation Week blog over whether Boeing or Bombardier airliner manufacturers were receiving more government subsidies (don't ask...) someone mentioned the plural of Airbus several times:

'blockade all the bombardiers, embraers and airbii civilian aircraft...'

'Some of the same components used in Boeings can now also be found in  Russian Irkut's and Chinese Comacs, Brazilian ERJs and Euro Airbii'

Other commentators praised the use of the term. Again, as others have noted in the past, the morphology is not correct--that would be plural of 'Airbius'. Still, kinda fun.


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