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Mon Sep 18 17:14:41 UTC 2017

Alive and well, albeit with a metalinguistic apologia:

Cindi Leive on stepping down as editor of “Glamour”, from “How to quit a magazine” in yesterday’s NYT Style section: 

She laughed and tucked her bare feet under her on the living room sofa in her Brooklyn townhouse. This was the day before she would inform Glamour’s staff, and she was a little nervous about telling her team the news. “I’m sure I will be, in my grandmother’s words, ‘highly verklempt.’ I’m a bit of a crier anyway,” she said.



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>>> Is there an English adjective other than “emotional” to describe the
>>> emotion when you are overwhelmed by, err, emotion?
>> Verklempt?
> Wow! Didn’t know that one, thank you.
> Wiktionary helpfully defines that as “overwhelmed, flustered” which are probably easier for most to remember. BB
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