[Ads-l] _pull_ “seduce a girl/woman into prostitution”

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Wed Sep 20 02:58:52 UTC 2017

Not in Green’s, but the UD has:

“Word used to describe the successful act of attracting a person to such an
extent that you would be able to … bone them if you so desired."

“to successfully attract some one sexually of the other sex"

"Sexual slang. To pull is to get someone to sleep with you.”

Not quite close enough, even for government work.

In the BE of my day, ca.1962-69, pimps _pulled_, whores _caught_ (this
_catch_ is noted in HDAS), neither term being used in these meaning” WRT
“squares” (in the demi-monde, this term was applied not only to “square
johns,” but also to anyone whose bag was different from one’s own; hence,
whores, shoplifters, pick-pockets, drug-dealers, etc. were all reciprocally
“squares” to one another) but an attractively-dressed square chick at a
square social gathering - a chick wouldn’t be wearing catching clothes “on
the block” (oddly, I first came across _(on) the stroll_ ca.1973 as the
title of a novel) unless she was “hustling butt” - could be said to be
_wearing catching clothes_.

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