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> The senses of “rude” as applied to human behavior are, I think, all

Except in BE slang , of course, wherein, like “hard,” It’s a synonym of
“bad.” “Rude”and “hard”In the sense of “bad” go so far back that I don’t
know f’ sho’ where I first heard them. The time-frame is between 1945 and
1950, though.

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> I have scanned the entries under "rude" in the OED, and do not think that I
> have seen anything that covers the sense of the passages below.  The senses
> of "rude" as applied to human behavior are, I think, all negative.  This
> passage is from 1795.
>             From the diary of Mary Bishop Cushman, 19, travelled from
> Coventry, her home in Connecticut, to Otsego county, N. Y
> [She] bid them (p. 262) All adieu for I fear a long time, then drank a
> glass cherry and set out In company with Mr. Jones and Mr. Fuller for
> Norwich, stopt a fue moments at Lord Hydes Lebanon Town got some sling --
> then rode on to the landing, put up at Harrisses Coffeehouse  a fine place
> for a girl to be in, however, nothing interesting occurd, till bedtime,
> there was several ladies there but I unhappily was not acquainted with
> them.  They were very rude in the kitchen -- at bedtime it was supposed Mr.
> Fuller was my husband poor lad how he blus't the laugh was high and rather
> against him.
> Wednesday 11th  spent the day at Capt. Harrises got acquainted with Lydia
> Harris, with Betsy Abbey of Windham & Sally Watts of Newlondon, was
> introduced to Mr. Seamor East Hartford, he was very attentive to Betsy
> Abbey had high times enough, was introduced to Mr. Barber, a merchant from
> Hebron, to Mr. Hatch and Mr. Gilberts very agreeable young lads they were
> going on with us to New York -- went early to bed, at half past eleven the
> three young ladies came into my chamber in a proper frolick and fetch in a
> peace of mince pye, and tart, which I eat, and then I had a proper rude
> time for two hours -- then was quiet till morning ----
>             Jamie O. Shafer .  "A Propper Yankee in Central New York: The
> Diary of Mary Bishop Cushman, 1795-1797."  New York History, Vol. 79, No.
> 3 <https://maps.google.com/?q=79,+No.+3&entry=gmail&source=g>
> (July, 1998), pp. 255-312
> ​I will note that Ms. Cushman was on her way to Central New York to become
> a schoolteacher, having spent 19 years mastering every field of human
> knowledge except spelling.  Not that I am trying to mock the lassie -- she
> is a landsman of mine, after all.
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> picture of his great-grandfather.)
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