[Ads-l] Drink names in Afghanistan

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2012 Kim Barker _The Taliban Shuffle_ (N.Y.: Doubleday) 282 [ref. to Kabul,
2009]: One night I tagged along with some friends to the Red Hot 'n'
Sizzlin' restaurant, a ... steak house on the outskirts of Kabul. Past
guests had scrawled graffiti ... on the brick arches in the inside of the
restaurant, nicknames such as "Mighty Mick," helpful household tips such as
"Up UR bum no babies." ... Shooters were called 3 Dollar Hooker, A Kick in
the Crotch, Hand Job, Monkey Brain, Minty Nipple. Cocktails ran $6.50, with
names such as Mexican Sexy Lemonade, Sex on the Boat, Sex on the Sofa, Sex
Peak, After Sex, and Gloom Raiser.

Barker was a journalist with the _Chicago Tribune_.


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