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“cabbage patches to Nineties old-school jams”  appears to define a time period for cultural references used by Fey.  The cabbage-patch doll frenzy peaked in the Christmas buying season of 1983.   So I believe the sense is the gestalt of the generation that grew up with Cabbage Patch dolls and “nineties old-school jams” in their formative years. (Tina Fey was born in 1970)

Wikipedia describes “old-school hip-hop” as falling within the time period 1979–1984, which brackets the Cabbage Patch era:

Old-school hip hop (also spelled old skool) is the earliest commercially recorded hip hop music. It typically refers to music created around 1979.[1] Old-school hip hop is said to have ended around 1984, due to changes in both rapping technique and the accompanying music and rhythms.

There is a series of music CDs called Old School Jams, the first released in 1993, with tracks from the ‘80s; subsequent collections featured “jams” from the ‘90s.

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> "Get the fug out of here" I got and most of "Are you fugging kidding me?
> What the S" though the S isn't clear, aside from merde. And:
> " She becomes a confident on-air correspondent, pounds both scotch and a
> Scottish freelance photographer (Martin Freeman), and, in what has become a
> prerequisite for all Fey vehicles, cabbage-patches to Nineties old-school
> jams."
> cabbage-patches to ... ?

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