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Reminiscent of the attribution of the "QUOTE" from Samuel Johnson:

"Dictionaries are like watches; the worst is better than none, and the best
cannot be expected to go quite true."
[From _Mrs. Piozzi Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson_ (1786, he died in 1784).
See Bartlett's... (16th ed.)]

I wonder if the same might be said of list of WOTY's.  The plethora of WOTY
lists certainly suggests that none of them satisfy everyone.  However, the
ADS appears to have the best foundation in its deliberations.  My
suggestions will follow shortly.

Happy New Year to all,


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As I pointed out to Fred privately, what I find interesting is that it's
found in her rehabilitation trial, which was posthumous. So, the quote is
reported/indirect/hearsay. Very much like the "heart of a woman, stomach of
a man" quote attributed to QEI (recorded in someone else's letter years

---Amy West

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> Thanks - this is interesting in that it seems to say that Joan said it (if
she did) at some part of her trial.  Of course she probably had to answer to
"why?" very often in varying settings.
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