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Shawnee Moon moon.shawnee at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jan 6 07:01:12 UTC 2018

> Subject: final period in text msg construed as unfriendly/angry
> ...but only at the end of the message.  In the middle, they're ok [sic]
> **************

I guess I’m weird. Even the briefest of any message I send gets correct grammar and punctuation, including semicolons and quotation marks. I find it odd, if not disconcerting, that bit by bit, our language is being reduced to emoticons and acronyms, and entire thoughts being condensed to 280 characters to enable it to be a “tweet.”

It seems like everyone has learned the abbreviations used in texting and Facebook posts, IMHO. WTF? LOL! SMH...

Every disease name has been reduced to a few letters. You can have COPD and MS and PAD and ED and an STD, and probably not even know what it stands for. 

I guess I’m OLD... it doesn’t stand for anything, it just means old. 

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