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So maybe a little room for a NAYLF?
Dave Hause
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From: Shawnee Moon
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But no Native American in me.

Warped Irish (like Sean Connery). My neé was Cavnar, I married, divorced, 
and since I was changing my name, I got rid of Cavnar because of the (cough) 
great admiration I had for my male genetic donor. Everybody with the last 
name Cavnar is related, (not that it’s common), one Irishman who moved to 
the states decided Cavanaugh was too long, and shortened it. All Cavnars 
have him as our common gggggg grandfather. (Correct number of greats unknown 
without getting a book out.)
County Cavan in Ireland is from whence he came, a descendant of King of 
Ireland (with more greats than I care to type, hundreds if not a thousand 
years back.) So I’m a princess, ha! In biker leathers.

The rest of me is a hash of Turkish, Polish, Ashkenazi Jew, Norwegian, 
Spanish, English and various spices.

Moon was the surname I chose and legally adopted, from ‘lunatic’ (that hasn’t 
become obvious?) and I also happen to love that dusty satellite. I wasn’t 
going out and do great things and have my father’s name to bear. No. Now I 
just live around bears and don’t do much at all, great or otherwise.

Shawnee Holiday Moon

Female, 56, living in NW Wyoming
~Former long distance walker
~Cross country motorcyclist
~Attempts Mandolin, Mandriola and Ukulele
~Mother of two
~Keeper of Insane Feline

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