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Ernest Hemingway, "The Old Man and the Sea"  - The old man dreamed of sea
Dale Eunson, "The Day They Gave Babies Away" - "I'm Bob Eunson, from down
in Eureka. And I wonder if you'd like to have a baby."
Frederick Pohl, "The Day After the Martians Came" - "Gonna make a *damn*
big difference to me."
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., "Report on the Barnhouse Effect" - "I took the
professor's dice, and then, with the last, nightmarish sentence flitting
through my mind, I rolled fifty consecutive sevens."
               "Welcome to the Monkey House" - The pills were so effective
that you could blindfold a man who had taken one, tell him to recite the
the Gettysburg Address, kick him in the balls
                while he was doing it, and he wouldn't miss a syllable.
James Thurber, "The Catbird Seat" - "Heroin," Mr Martin said. "I'll be
coked to the gills when I bump that old buzzard off."
                          or "He went out and shut the door, and his step
was light and quick down the hall."
S. V. Benet, "The Devil and Daniel Webster" - "Why, then, you long
barreled, slab-sided, lantern-jawed, fortune-telling note shaver!" said
Dan'l Webster, with a great roar of laughter, "be off

with you to your own place before I put my mark upon you! For, by the
thirteen original colonies, I'd go to the Pit itself to save the Union!"

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 12:27 PM, Shapiro, Fred <fred.shapiro at yale.edu>

> Quotation dictionaries don't usually include many quotations from short
> stories, but I'm trying to do so in my upcoming revised edition.  Can
> anyone point me to crucial or particularly memorable quotes from any of
> these famous short stories:
> Anton Chekhov, "The Bet"
> Joyce Carol Oates, "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"
> Raymond Carver, "Cathedral"
> Or, for that matter, I would welcome any suggestions of crucial or
> particularly memorable quotes from other short stories as well.
> Fred Shapiro
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