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Wiktionary sats they have different etymologies. 



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> Good afternoon,
> I was curious if anyone knows where the Y and its plural IES originated
> from.
> The most obvious usage today is "Selfies", but kittens are kitties, dogs
> are doggies, a horse is a horsey (infrequent adult usage). There's a gross
> and stupid commercial about antiperspirant/deodorant which calls the
> sniffing of one's own armpits for body odor a 'smellfie."
> It's not the same as turning a word into an adjective, like, "It smells, so
> it's smelly." Or saying I feel a little achy or itchy.
> Some of the words are baby talk, like doggy instead of dog, but selfie is a
> current word used by teens and up. Just one of those things that meander
> through the craters of the Moon's mind...
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