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Fri Jan 26 01:39:08 UTC 2018

Paul Domowitch "RPO: Chip Kelly's contribution" Philadelphia Inquirer Thursday Jan 25, 2018 page C5 (sports section)

RPO is "run-pass option".

...the fact that the offensive linemen don't know ahead of time whether it's going to be a run or pass is a benefit.
   A lot of times, what the linebackers read are the hats [helmets] of the offensive linemen...If they see the hats come up---what you call high hats---if you see that, they're not going to bite as hard.  Kind of line on draw plays when [the Eagles] used to run draw plays.
   That's what we used to do in Dallas: stand up and get the linebackers to react to pass and have them drop back [and then run the draw].  In some ways, the fact that they can't get a read on what the offensive line is doing, that the whole key [to RPOs].
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