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Wed Jan 31 16:44:07 UTC 2018

"Eggy Peggy" is a infix-based secret language used by children, like Pig Latin.  I've also heard that the term is used as a catch-all name for other similar languages (Pig Latin, Ciazarney, Double Dutch, etc.) -- can anyone confirm this?

Eggy Peggy is not in the OED, nor the RHDAS.

London _Observer_ 4/1/1962 p 30 col 6
"Feggurther eggup thegge streggeet, Jeggaeger eggare ceggeleggebreggategging Eggeaster weggith eggeggs eggas eggusual (For those who don't know eggy-peggy language, try removing the word egg throughout.)"

Dublin _Irish Times_ 9/19/1972 p 12 col  3
"It was smart to be rude; debutantes went around breaking things, and talking in eggy-peggy in front of people who were not part of the "in" group and so looked foolish."

kizarney -- not in OED

Corsicana TX _Corsicana Daily Sun_ 10/14/1977 p 10B col 2
"Kizarney is the carnival world's own style of pig latin.  The language inserts a "c" constant sound before some vowels and adds an "eaz" sound.  The word "can" is pronounced "keyazan." "

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